Learn from the smartest poker AI ever.

The Pluribus Analytics Platform

Analyze the hands played by the Facebook poker bot, Pluribus. enables users to navigate through Pluribus's 10,000 hands played with a simple and easy to use interface.

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The Pluribus API

Utilize our free API to access extensive data from the 10,000 hands played by Pluribus. Our API is completely free for students. For commercial projects we offer licenses for as cheap as $100/year.

For Poker Players

Learn from the most advanced poker AI ever

Use to understand Pluribus's strategy.

  • Filter by hole cards
  • Analyze multi-way pots
  • 3-bet strategy
For Developers

Build your own Pluribus-based projects

Utilize our API to create some fun poker-based projects. Our API is easy-to-use and completely free for non-commercial projects.

  • Up to 500,000 requests per month
  • Python wrapper features

Want to query our Pluribus data yourself? Don't worry, we have you covered. Feel free to jump to our API docs and get started analyzing Pluribus hands. Licenses starting at $100/year.

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Pre-flop ranges

Understand Pluribus's ranges by position. Using our intuitive range analyzer, you can understand when and why Pluribus decides to open different parts of his range with different sizings.

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10,000 hands

Before exploring the 10,000 hands played by Pluribus was not easy. Now it's possible to do with just a few clicks.

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Custom queries

If our API isn't robust enough for your choosing, the project is open sourced, so you're more than welcome to develop your own custom queries for our Pluribus database.

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